The response paper as a spiritual impulse of your impressions

Not every person can imagine what a response paper is. However, this is one of the central written podcasts for the dissemination of the author’s opinion about the developed theme of a particular work of art, be it a book or a film. I propose to consider this brand new genre in the review category more thoroughly since it is simple for perception and use.

The essence of a response paper and the structure of writing

A response paper is not a summary or a review. In this structure the author expresses his opinion on one or another topic presented in a work of art, clearly arguing this with concrete examples. This document is intended to familiarize the reader with the serious abstract and independent impressions of the author, who should not paraphrase the content of the work with which he was acquainted. The central task is to allow the reader to understand and feel author’s unique positive or negative emotions, conducted through the whole article in a spiritual form, say, a dialogue with the book and written in a clear, accessible and transparent way.

What is necessary and what should not be done writing a response paper

Inexperienced essayists, as a rule, make a series of blunders in the writing of a response paper:

  • Write it in the form of review.

The central mistake of such works is a thorough and academic criticism of the structure of the work, the specifics of its presentation and style. The essence of the response document is the evaluation of the ideological plot, its concepts and worldviews.

  • Do not approach the issue multispectral

To write a high-quality response article, you need to create a narrative mechanism that will simultaneously express your independent opinion and will be understandable to the reader. It is not worth abstract thinking about the work as a whole. Go deep into semantic details, share your feelings and emotions by laconic language.

  • Do not take notes and do not immerse in the plot.

One of the central mistakes is the lack of specifics and confirmation of their points of view. It is very important to understand what you are writing the response paper about. Perhaps it would be nice to become part of what is happening in a book or movie. Inattention can be your main enemy.

If you try to avoid all these shortcomings, your response paper will be able to qualify for a place among the specialist’s works. Professionalism can be supported by the following points:

  1. Use first-person narration. This allows the reader to immerse themselves in your individual perception and interpretation of the problem with great success.
  2. Do not afraid to make innovations and fantasies. You can contact the author of the book with questions and assume how he or she would answer them. Try to argue with him\her.
  3. Examine the response paper for mistakes. Edit what you think is necessary for the correction.