A report of the Education Association about school aggression

Sometimes school students behave aggressively and this is a cause for concern for both – classmates and the school administration. Inadequate behaviour is expressed in causing harm to classmates, as well as in damage to the school property.

The Oregon Education Association has submitted a report. The main purpose of the report was to visually explain to the legislature that the problem of aggressive behaviour of schoolchildren is very serious and if legislative measures will not be taken, pupils can get injured, and also school institutions can suffer financial damage due to aggressive schoolchildren. The report was compiled on the basis of observation of two thousand students during the year.

The growth of aggression among schoolchildren

The Oregon State Education Commission conducted a survey to compile a report, which revealed that more than 50 teachers had experienced destructive behaviour among schoolchildren at least once a year.

However, this situation is not new. For several years, the administration and board of Oregon schools have expressed their concern that the situation with the destructive behaviour of schoolchildren is worsening.

The Oregon State School Teachers Report was presented to the State Board According to one of the educators, that the number of difficulties is growing, and the level of support is falling off. Education in which they noted a deteriorating school environment due to the aggressive behaviour of students. As a result, a commission was assembled by Governor Kate Brown and a series of meetings were held on this issue.

According to the OEA report, an increase in cases of obstructive behaviour among schoolchildren has been observed over the past few years. Teachers suggest that this can be due to the difficult financial or moral condition in the family of schoolchildren. In the opinion of one of the teachers, the number of difficulties is growing, and the level of support is falling.

The role of teachers in eliminating school aggression

Jenny Perez is an elementary school teacher. She notes that the entire administration of the educational institution responds to the disruptive behaviour of schoolchildren and try to calm them down and stop them. She personally says about herself that she always tries to assess the psycho-emotional state of students in order to prevent aggression from their side.

Jenny notes that there are people among schoolchildren with whom it is difficult to establish contact and it is not easy even to talk to them, they keep all the problems in themselves. Others are so emotionally unbalanced that they want to throw their anger out, the same happens to them outside the school.

The report also touched upon the problem of education of children with disabilities. It was suggested that students who need special education, but do not have sufficient financial resources for this, can also have outbreaks of aggression. However, not all teachers agree with this statement.

Problem requiring urgent solution

In Oregon, started up a new program for the adoption of laws. The OEA tried to use its report as a tool to influence the legislature so that they increase funding for public schools.

The head of the OEA, John Chanson, noted that such a phenomenon as the disruptive behaviour of schoolchildren is a serious problem, the solution of which he sees an increase in the number of professional teachers, as well as the introduction of school psychologists who will monitor students’ emotional state.